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Vladimir BessonovVladimir Bessonov 

how to create pre filled records in salesforce

How to create pre-filled records in salesforce? 
for example I have an object - a system that consists of parts (the part is also a salesforce object, right).

the whole project consists of many identical systems. 

For example, I create a system 1 and I want that system 1 to include a predefined list of parts already. Later I will have only to enter serial numbers of each part and specific data for each part. 

the same for system 2, system 3, etc. 

Kanav TechfineryKanav Techfinery

Hi Vladimir,

You may refer to this post that uses URL hacking to pre-populate values while creating a Salesforce record:


Vladimir BessonovVladimir Bessonov
I am pretty sure salesforce has some easier way to do it
Vladimir BessonovVladimir Bessonov
Any other suggestions? I already have sdefault button "NEW" on the page. Why would I need to create some custom button ? 
Kanav TechfineryKanav Techfinery
Hi, I'm not aware of any other 'easy' way. You can of course take the declarative route of using 'Flows' or the code route of using 'Triggers'.