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Ancestor package version hasn't been promoted

I am trying to create a new version of a second generation package.
I am getting the error message:
ERROR running force:package:version:create:  The ancestor package version [] specified in the sfdx-project.json file hasn’t been promoted and released. Release the ancestor package version before specifying it as the ancestor in a new package or patch version.

But when I run sfdx force:package:version:report it says that this verison has been released:
Released                       true

This in my sdx-project.json:
"packageDirectories": [
            "path": ".\\force-app",
            "package": "TaxClaim",
            "versionName": "ver 0.7",
            "versionNumber": "0.7.0.NEXT",
            "ancestorVersion": "",
            "default": true
Any ideas?
Best Answer chosen by Filikin
Using ancestorId instead of ancestorVersion sovled the problem!