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image formula is it empty or not

We all know how to use an image inside a formula field

(IMAGE(URL, Alternate Text, H,W)

In Lightning we can use <img src=..... onError....

My question is prteey simple:

is there any way to figure out (system) not by viewing if the formula is actually displaying an image.

Or differently phrased is there a way to find out if the image url will return nothing and therefoe display the alternate text / show an on error image which might be there or not, hence my question 

Sure we use the formula to display images we know about but what if the image is sitting in the cloud and someone deleted it

a formula or img src tag does not do a http callout, so how to find out if its a shown image in that field or not??

Kanav TechfineryKanav Techfinery
Hi Moggy,

I do not think you can achieve this with a formula field. What is your requirement? Why is the alt-text not enough?

A web page (like a shoppig basket) shall show a picture , i got a preffeed image and an image i can use if the preferred image is not available 

(as it is a dynamic url i do not know upfront if the image is available while loading. The place holder or replacement image is also a dynamic url

this is that you not showing a car if you are looking at bikes or showing beef burgers if you are browsing coffee makers

So for each product there is a high res image and a low quality for presentation only if the high res is not availble

My issue now is, how do i know that the image i just loading is not available ( best in both formula & SQL) but in SQL i could stamp the low quality in if i would know that the highres url leads to nothing