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Can anyone suggest me how to modify my Html code to Proper Code

<div style="background-color:red;”>
    <div style="color: #FFFFFF; padding:80px;">LeftRight a 3000 CoolSubcriptions      |    
        <a style="color:white;" href="https://www.Facebook.com/" target="_blank">King of Ant </a> / 
        <a style="color:white;" href="https://www.Googlet.com/"  target="_blank">History Policy</a>
(Since  "" "" not coming  Added Screenshot of the Exact Code)

User-added image
User-added imageThis is working perfectly as expected in both Desktop and Tablet but when comes to Mobile words are not in line.
I am new this I got my desired result butI  I think I didn't follow the Best Practise in it. Can anyone help to write this in a good format.So that it  will work properly for All devices formats as expected.