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Syed AsfaanSyed Asfaan 

How to create custom/different formula to each user. Approx 200 different forumlae for 200 people.

Hello All,
I have over 200 Community user using my app, How do I create custom forumula for each user?
Also, Can I create 200 page layouts for 200 users?

Custom forumula in the sense , its a small accounts app where each user has different banks for cash and POS transactions for their requirements. 
Mostly fields would be common but forumalas for each user would be different.  
I want only particular fields for that user to display with those particular formulae.

Bryan Leaman 6Bryan Leaman 6
Why would the formulas be different for each user? Generally you want to structure a solution so that the formula is the same, but the values used in the formula are what changes. That's what a formula field is defined to be.  Even though your users have different banks, wouldn't the formula just reference fields for each bank that have unique values based on that bank's variable data (APR, term, whatever).

Otherwise you need to look for a solution that lets you store the formula as text in a custom field for the user and can calculate a result for the formula dynamically. I've heard of such a mechanism being used by one of the packages we have installed, but it's not trivial to code and isn't very process a lot of records, calculating formula results on-the-fly and using the result to condition other processes.
Syed AsfaanSyed Asfaan
Thanks Bryan, better is the first option you gave, I can hide the other banks for him in the page layouts, better and easy way. So can I create 200 different page layouts for 200 users? wouldn't that make it more consfusing for the admin or thats the only way out ?