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Bryan Leaman 6Bryan Leaman 6 

File tagging in lightning

I have a need to provide a way for people to select which uploaded/related files fulfill a specific purpose (essentially, which file s provide proof of authorization).  I was hoping to use the TagCsv field and when they select the file, update the tags to indicate which file(s) provide that authorization.

However, it appears that the TagCsv field is not available for files shared to an object record -- only files in a public library. It also appears that tagging is not supported in lightning.

Are there any recommended ways to implement something similar or some way to permit access to the TagCsv field on a contentversion uploaded to (shared with) a record?

My thoughts so far have been:
* Use the description field instead and add my tag at the beginning or end of it.
* Create a join object that implements tagging (RecordId, DocumentId, Tags (long text area)
* Embed a list of Ids in a custom field on the record of all the files selected for this purpose (yuck!)
Bryan Leaman 6Bryan Leaman 6
Nevermind -- unless you have a way to use the existing 'TagCsv' field. I just discovered I can add my own custom field to the ContentVersion object, so I'm creating my own 'Tags__c' field, type LongTextArea and will implement my own tagging that way.
Alex Toba 19Alex Toba 19
Using the TagCsv field to indicate which uploaded or related files fulfill a specific purpose can be a good way to provide clarity and organization for users. Here's an example of how you could use the TagCsv field to achieve this:
When a user uploads or relates a file, include an option for them to tag the file with a specific purpose, such as "Proof of Authorization."
When the user selects the "Proof of Authorization" tag for a file, update the TagCsv field to include that tag for that file. This will allow you to easily search for and filter files that are tagged with "Proof of Authorization" in the future.
You could also consider creating a separate field specifically for indicating which files provide proof of authorization. For example, you could include a checkbox or dropdown list that allows the user to select which files fulfill this purpose, and then update a separate field with this information. This could make it even easier to identify which files provide proof of authorization.
It's important to provide clear instructions and guidance for users on how to use the tagging system and any other fields related to proof of authorization. This will help to ensure that users are selecting the correct files and tagging them appropriately.
Overall, using the TagCsv field and other related fields can be an effective way to manage and organize uploaded and related files. By providing clear guidance and making it easy for users to select which files fulfill a specific purpose, you can improve the user experience and make it easier to manage and track files. Regards:
Bryan Leaman 6Bryan Leaman 6
Alex, Unfortunately, salesforce will not permit me to update the TagCsv field -- I guess I neglected to include the error message, simply stating that "TagCsv field is not available for files shared to an object record".
Manish Chaubey 10Manish Chaubey 10
Alex, Inserting description for TagCsv is not a native functionality, and SFDC does not support this. Even we may achieve this by advanced customization of the environment. 

Salesforce Solution Provider (" target="_blank)
michael kalsomichael kalso
File tagging is a feature in Lightning, Salesforce's modern and intuitive user interface. This feature allows users to add labels or tags to files, making them easier to find and organize lab ( By using file tags, users can quickly locate relevant files and share them with their team members. To tag a file in Lightning, users can simply click on the file and add one or more tags in the designated field. Once tags are added, they can be used to search for files across the organization, making it easier for users to access the information they need
jerro arondjerro arond
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