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Michele Kleinhomer 10Michele Kleinhomer 10 

Community Search Terms

I want to look at Community search terms from past months.  I have saved weekly data export files.  Can I find this information in them?  The data that I am looking for from past months is what I can see in the "Search Frequency by Term" Community report.  I was looking for an object in Data Loader that would have this information, but I don't see one.  I am thinking this information might be stored differently.  The bottom line is that I am trying to see the data from previous months.  I have weekly data exports of all my objects, etc. saved.
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Michele,

Can you elloborate more on this and include screenshot if you have any?

Michele Kleinhomer 10Michele Kleinhomer 10
I found what I was looking for by getting data from the NetworkSearchTermFrequency object.
French LeoFrench Leo
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Luca RowleyLuca Rowley
If you have weekly data exports of your objects, there might not be a specific object or field in Data Loader that directly provides the "Search Frequency by Term" data from the Community report. The search term data in the Community report is usually aggregated and displayed in a user-friendly format, but the underlying raw data may not be readily available in your weekly data exports.

Community Analytics API: Check if the platform hosting your Community provides an API for accessing Community analytics data. This API might offer more granular access to the search term data.

Community Data Export: Review the available options for exporting Community data. Some platforms offer comprehensive data export features that allow you to retrieve specific information, including search term data, for a desired timeframe. Refer to the documentation or contact the platform's support for more details.

Custom Tracking: If the platform doesn't provide a built-in solution for accessing search term data, you can implement custom tracking using analytics tools like Google Analytics. By setting up event tracking or custom dimensions, you can capture search term data and store it separately for future analysis.