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Felipe CzkFelipe Czk 

How to create a list or map from 2 different lists/map

I have this Map, and it's on my repository class

public Map<Id,List<AggregateResult>> buscaPBsAtivacao(){
        Map<Id, List<AggregateResult>> membroCampanhaMap = new Map<Id, List<AggregateResult>>();
        List<String> Territories= new List<String>{
           'Some Territories Names'
        List<AggregateResult> territorioAssociado = [
                Object.Name, //here is the account name
                ObjectId, // here is the account Id
                Territory2.DeveloperName IN : Territories
            GROUP BY
            ORDER By
        for (AggregateResult agr : territorioAssociado) {
            Id objectId = (Id) agr.get('ObjectId');
            if (!membroCampanhaMap.containsKey(objectId)) {
                membroCampanhaMap.put(objectId, new List<AggregateResult>());
        System.debug('MembroCampanhaMap -> ' + MembroCampanhaMap);
        return membroCampanhaMap;

and I have a List<Account> with all the accounts (including the ones that are on the membroCampanhaMap). This account list is passed on the function parameter.

I have to iterate over just the accounts that are on the membroCampanhaMap, so there is a way to like to compare these 2 and maybe create a new one with just the needed Accounts?

so I can do what I need with these records.

By the way, I even tried to Query more fields on the membroCampanhaMap, but when I added Object.LastModifiedDate (for example), it says that is an invalid field, with the ones that are on the select working fine

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Prateek Prasoon 25Prateek Prasoon 25
Yes, you can iterate over the List<Account> parameter passed to the function and check if the account's Id is present in the Map<Id, List<AggregateResult>> returned by the buscaPBsAtivacao() function. If an account's Id is present in the map, it means that the account has a Territory2Association record associated with it for one of the territories specified in the Territories list.
Here's an example of how you can create a new list of accounts that have a Territory2Association record associated with them for one of the specified territories:
public List<Account> getAccountsForTerritories(List<Account> allAccounts) {
    List<Account> accountsWithTerritories = new List<Account>();
    Map<Id, List<AggregateResult>> membroCampanhaMap = buscaPBsAtivacao();
    for (Account acc : allAccounts) {
        if (membroCampanhaMap.containsKey(acc.Id)) {
    return accountsWithTerritories;

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