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Matheus Coelho 1Matheus Coelho 1 

Lead Status and Path Not Working Properly

We have recently created a new Lead Process and Path for a new Lead Record Type (Lets say we have this one "Energy Process" and the recently created "Lubs Process" each one with completely different path values). Deployed everything from squad specific dev sandbox (Here we have SQUAD DEV > DEV > QAS > PROD, because multiple businesses with own squads run in the same prod org) and the testers are facing this problem when creating the new RT, where the Lead Status picklist is showing the values from the wrong Lead Process even though the correct one "Lubs Process" is selected for this new record type. A Path Settings was also created and correctly associated with the new record type and picklist.

I searched all of the forum for a possible fix and the only thing i encontered was something about switching the Lead Process from the Record Type to another, save, and switching back the right one (people saying there that this is something to do with salesforce bugs). Although this 'fixed' the problem during that sprint, after everything reached Prod and the refresh occured, the problem came back to the dev environment.

I can't test it in prod just yet because it's inactive for now and I can't do much about it but there's a concern if this will happen especially in prod every final sprint refresh...

Have one of you guys going through or actually fixed this?!

Anand kurubaAnand kuruba
On the lead record, there's a standard field to track "status".
When a user selects "converted" from the picklist field and "saves" the record, an error appears: This lead is not yet converted.
However, if the lightning path is used to "convert", the conversion process is triggered successfully. How can I make sure that the "convert" status from the picklist selection actually converts the record? I don't want users to select this from the picklist and then the record NOT actually convert.
*I already saw the article that said to add the convert button on the page layout. This doesn't solve the problem. It allows users to convert from the lightning path, but still not working from the picklist.