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merge field translation

I have an email template on custom object xx__c, I am accessing a field  name__c as a merge field from object yy__c(xx__r.yy__r.name__c),
here yy__c is parent of xx__c

Name__c is a picklist field and I have translations available for every value for different languages.

While I am recieving email from this template, all other labels and fields are translating but this merge field is displaying english value only.
Do anyone have any idea how can I get it resolved.
any help is much appriociated.
AnkaiahAnkaiah (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi ,

SF is providing translation service of merger on email template is working based on the logged user language.

In your case, current logged user language different from the receiver language.

Refer the below idea.

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This is not the case I already tested with myself as a logged in user with deaired language changed on my user profile.