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SOQL query to fetch user records ( user license) based on department

Hi Team,
i need report of user records (user license) based on the department.
i.e need to know how many licenses are consumed by each department.

I have used below query but its working for only limit 100 becoz of Org limit..we have 1000+ departments. could you please help here?

SELECT COUNT(Id),Department from user where User_License_Name__c='Salesforce' group by Department limit 100

Thank You!
AnkaiahAnkaiah (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi VijayKumar,

You can generate a martix report on user object  based on User_License_Name__c field instead of quering.

Refer the below video, how to create matrix report.

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sanjita njitasanjita njita
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mukesh guptamukesh gupta
Hi Vijay,

Please follow below code:-
Map<Id,Profile> profileIds = new Map<id,profile>([SELECT Id,UserLicenseId FROM Profile where UserLicenseId in (SELECT Id FROM UserLicense where name ='Salesforce')]); 

List<user> standardProfileUsers = [select id from user where profileId in:profileIds.Keyset() group by Department limit 5000];

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