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why quickaction is not appearing on Opportunity pagelayout

Hi All,

I have created a quick action on account and added this page layout in the opportunity page layout. While deploying from our DEV org to QA org this quick action is showing up, but when I deployed the same from QA org to UAT org, it's not showing up. Would like to know the reason and cause of this issue.
Below the code used in the package to deploy the code 


Can someone please suggest? Appreciate your help.
Thank You!

VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Check steps mentioned below and let me know if that works.


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Hi Vinay,

Thanks for quick response and sharing the link. 
As per the article, they are talking about the changing the record type that the action is using and assigning to the user. But I don't see that option in the org.
Below is the screenshot.
User-added image
Also, deployment user is system admin who has edit access to Account Name.