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Biswajit Nath 9Biswajit Nath 9 

Person Account field showing up in Business Account Trigger.newmap

I have a method which runs in the after update trigger of Account.
The Account is a Business Account.
Person Account is also enbled in the org.
The code is called in the following order:
Account Trigger--> Account Handler--> Account Helper

When the code is specifically called for Business Account recordtype, somehow a Person Account field is also included in the Trigger variables like Tigger.newmap.

There is no explicite mention of the Person Account field in the Code, but still it is present in the trigger variable.

Salesforce support team is not able to help me on this topic. 
A feasible resolution will be much appriciated.
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Hey Biswajit,

Do you see the same error when you chose other record type for the account?


Priya Ranjan

Biswajit Nath 9Biswajit Nath 9
Hi Priya,
I am facing this error for all the business account recordtypes as you cannot modify person account field from business account. 
Its showing me Bad field Name error