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Sreenivasulu AdipudiSreenivasulu Adipudi 

Share private records with created by user


I have the following requirement:
Case records OWD is set to Private. We need to provide/share the case access created by the user. Is there any standard approach for this requirement?

Thanks in advance!

Sreenivasulu A.
SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Sreenivasulu,
You could do a manual share of the case record with other users. Let me know if you have follow-up queries. Thanks

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Sreenivasulu AdipudiSreenivasulu Adipudi
Hi Swetha,

Thank you for the quick response!
I am looking for a solution, to share the Case access automatically. We can do it with a flow or trigger. But, I am looking for an out-of-box feature.

Sreenivasulu A.