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How to deploy the specific objects on profile

Hi Everyone,

I have created an profile by cloning existing profile(Sales Administer) and assigned record types,page layouts, object permissions and field level permissions to Account object.
But when I try to deploy the profile and include only the Account Object and specific fields in the package. It is deploying all the objects which are having access to the profile though I have not given in the package level. Can we control the access level in the package level while deploying the profile so that it will avoid removing unnecessory objects and fields manually?
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Please Suggest. 
PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 

Kindly check this link which may help you :-

Kindly mark it as the best answer if it works for you.


Thanks & Regards,

Priya Ranjan

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Thanks Priya for sharing the link. But I still didn't understood how to remove object permissions from custom profile explicitly. Can you please explain me in detail.