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hema k 29hema k 29 

How Can I store Rich Text Area field(Image) of a custom object into document object

I have a trigger to insert document record whenever Contact record is created and I have one custom field Image__c which is Ritch Text Area data type, I am storing images in Image__C field, How can get this image__c into the document?
Murali MattaMurali Matta
Hi Hema,

Hope these links can help you.



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Bhargavi TunuguntlaBhargavi Tunuguntla
Hi hema

Please try refering the below link:


This will extract the image from RichTextArea and you can save it to documents.
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hema k 29hema k 29
I wrote the Apex code and call the apex method into trigger while inserting a record in the contact object its showing error, execution of AfterInsert caused by System.VisualforceException: Getting content from within triggers is currently not supported.: Class.DocumentRecord.beforeinsert: line 22, column 1 please help me, This my code : PageReference pageRef = new PageReference(container); string strFolderId = '0057F000002mY3w'; Document doc = new Document(); doc.Name = 'pic12'; doc.Type = 'png'; doc.Body = pageRef.getContent();