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This screen includes screen components that require Lightning runtime

Hi there,

I am getting this kind of warning when saving Lightning Flow (Spring'19 ver).
Is there any way to clear it?

This screen includes screen components that require Lightning runtime.

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Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
1. Goto setup-->create-->workflows&approvals-->Process automation settings 

2. Check “Enable Lightning Runtime for Flows ”

Save it 

Thanks Raj Vakati, I already check it but error still showing.
Andy Kallio 7Andy Kallio 7
Yes, it should be enabled as Raj suggests but I think you will still get this warning. I think it's basically warning you that the flow may fail if it is used in classic mode. 
Thanks Andy Kallio, yes it's possible, warning for classic mode.
sadhana kumarisadhana kumari
so for fixing this problem what will do?
Mouna BorraMouna Borra
I am also facing same issue, and not able activate the flow in lightning also. please provide some work around
Sharath kumar SFDCSharath kumar SFDC
Hi LinThaw,

I am unable to solve this error. I was follwing the same process as mentioned in the trailhead. If i gave 

Label: Component Screen
It is was not working So i gave Upload Files. I have mentioned the flow screen short below.

User-added imageUser-added image

User-added image

Hi Sharath, 

It is just warning message because you are using components that require Lightning runtime.
If your flow run in lightning mode and already enabled Lightning runtime, it is no problem.
If you are not already enabled Lightning runtime or use flow in classic mode, flow can cause problem.

Sharath kumar SFDCSharath kumar SFDC
Hi Lin
I have compelted the challenage. 

Thanks for help appreciated.
Silpi Roy 19Silpi Roy 19
What u did could you please help @Sharath kumar getting the same error as u mentioned
Seems SharmaSeems Sharma
Hi Silpi Roy 19
It is just warning message. Activate your flow and add in lightning page 
For more detail , Click on below link - 

Simon Nadar 18Simon Nadar 18
@Silpi Roy 19 - To Activate the flow you need to go back to the flow section and click on the flow name (not the "open"). This will bring you to the screen which will list all the versions of the flow and a link to Activate it. Ignore the warning message that you are getting when saving the flow.

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I think it's a bit silly that they don't allow you to disable this error message in process automation settings... It's annoying when I get the error for literally every single component I create in a flow that requires it. Practically none of my users are in classic anymore so they should really let you disable it...
Kai WehrsichKai Wehrsich
I go the same error and changed the setting. Interesting enough it worked in a different sandbox which was on Summer 21 release. Now in a Summer 22 release I had to enable the mentioned setting and it resolved my issue.

But what about other Flows which still run in Classic? Mainly record-triggered or auto-scheduled flows without screen components. Will there be any impact on those in Classic?
Swaroopa Akula 10Swaroopa Akula 10
I got the same error but tried below option it worked.
1. Goto setup-->create-->workflows&approvals-->Process automation settings 

2. Check “Enable Lightning Runtime for Flows ”

Above @Raj solution worked.