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Lightning rich text field - Image tooltip

we have client requirement as below:
  1. We have some rich text area fields on one custom object.
  2. We have used below part of code to show the rich text area field with image button on lighting components as well as on community in future.
    <lightning:inputRichText variant="bottom-toolbar" value="{!v.activitiySelected.DiamensionBy_DescRichText__c}" >
  1. We stucked at below requirement:
        When user upload image in any of the rich text area field and when user type the name of image in text and if it matches with the uploaded image file name then it should be converted in hyperlink and onhover of the image name it will show uploaded image in tooltip.
 (Please find the below screenshot for reference)
User-added image

Please suggest any possible ways to achieve this.