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Diego OlveraDiego Olvera 

Count the option selected from a single picklist

Hi, good afternoon. 
I'm working with the following formula field: 
IF(ISPICKVAL (PickNope__c, "Opc1"), 1, 0)

Where it helps to count if the user selects "Opc1" then in a text field shows the result(1) and works cool, BUT when I select another option for example (Opc2) then in my text field shows(0).
I want to keep in that field the number (1) and if I select again (Opc1) then must be (2)...(3)...(4).

I want to know if there's an option to solve my problems or probably with a process builder. 


Team NubesEliteTeam NubesElite
Hi Dlego,
I hope using process builder you can not acheive this. But you can achieve this through Java Script using On Change event.

Thank You

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Diego OlveraDiego Olvera
Thanks for answering.
Yep that's what I was thinking to make a custom component, 
Regards. :)