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Platform Event Trigger retry error in managed package

I have a Platform Event trigger in my managed package. For some reason, it generated an error on a customer's sandbox, and now it's in error state and won't run.
I updated the trigger and pushed the new managed package to this org, but the trigger still shows error state.
The docs say "To resume processing of new event messages, fix and save the trigger."... but this is a managed package, so there's no way to open/save the trigger to reset things. Not sure how to proceed...
More info on this:
According to the documentation, cited and linked to the error email, https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.platform_events.meta/platform_events/platform_events_subscribe_apex_refire.htm

...the only way to clear the error is to open the trigger, fix it, then re-save it. This is IMPOSSIBLE to do in a managed package, unless there is some undocumented way of accomplishing this.

Furthermore, the error refers to the EventBus.RetryableException, which I do not use in my code. I can find no documentation on why that error might occur in an instance where there is no retry code.
Nick KrastevNick Krastev
I hope that his works for you:

"Error—The subscriber has been disconnected and stopped receiving published events. A trigger reaches this state when it exceeds the number of maximum retries with the EventBus.RetryableException. Trigger assertion failures and unhandled exceptions don’t cause the Error state. To resume trigger execution, fix the trigger code and save it. For a managed package trigger, redeploy the package after fixing the trigger. To resume a process, deactivate it and then reactivate it.
Suspended—The subscriber is disconnected and can’t receive events due to an internal error. To resume trigger execution, try saving the trigger again. For a managed package trigger, redeploy the package. To resume a process, deactivate it and then reactivate it."