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Andrew PleshachkovAndrew Pleshachkov 

Get Contact Role in SOQL query


I'm trying to add to the contact list page an indication of the role of each indirect contact. Like this:

   public List<Contact> Contacts { get{  
     return [SELECT Id, Name, Account.Name, Title, Email, Phone, Relations__c FROM Contact LIMIT 1000];  
   } set;}  
   public List<Role> Roles { get{  
     return [SELECT Role FROM AccountContactRoles];  
   } set;}  I tried adding Role or AccountContactRole fields, but they are not recognized. What I need to do?
I tried to indicate the Role field in the first request, but received a recognition error (which is logical, there is no such field in the standard contact card).

Then I made the second request only for roles, but it also produces Compile Error: Invalid type: Roles.

What i need to do?
Hi Andrew,

Try the following SOQL query:
[SELECT Role, Contactid FROM AccountContactRole]

Hello Andrew,

can you try this 
SELECT Id, Name, Account.Name, Title, Email, Phone, Relations__c, (select role from AccountContactRoles) FROM Contact LIMIT 1000 ?

Andrew PleshachkovAndrew Pleshachkov
Thank you guys! both options were compiled by Apex; but how to know the full name of the 'Role' resulting field for the VF page?

<apex: column value = "{! contact.Role}"/> fails in all interpretations.
Hello Andrew,

did you try something like {!contact.AccountContactRoles.Role} ?

Andrew PleshachkovAndrew Pleshachkov
Thanks for the answer!
For an unclear reason, a direct reference to a Role via ACR did not help either.
In the end, I decided simply through the custom field for the contact, to which I connected the value ACR.Roles in the controller.