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Afzaal HassanAfzaal Hassan 

Sharing and Visibility practice exam questions' answers

I have been taking some practice exams online. However, I am getting different correct answers for some of the questions. In other words, some online forums say the answer A, the others B, for example. Can someone provide the correct answer and an explanation for the following:

1)Universal Health is planning to store patient notes in Salesforce. Patient notes consist of long text notes taken by a user to document phone calls with patient. A data audit has identified that these notes can contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI). The regulatory requirements state that this data must be encrypted at rest as well as in transit. What should the Architect do in order to make sure Universal Health stays compliant?
 A.No action is required; all Salesforce data is encrypted at rest as part of Salesforce’s standard trust measures
 B.Use an Apex Trigger and the Apex Crypto class to encrypt patient notes as soon as they saved to Salesforce  
 C.Enable Salesforce Shield Platform Data Encryption and mark the patient notes field as encrypted  
 D.Create a new Custom Field of type “Text (Encrypted)” and move the patient notes data into the new field

2)Universal Containers (UC) has a requirement to expose a web service to their business partners. The web service will be used to allow each business partner to query UC's Salesforce instance to retrieve the status of orders. The business partner should only be allowed access to orders for which the business partner is the fulfillment vendor. The Architect does not want the business partners to utilize the standard APIs and would prefer a custom API be developed. Which three design elements should the Architect consider in order to ensure the data security of the solution? Choose 3 answers
 A.Query the Orders object with Dynamic SOQL based upon the fulfillment ID   
 B.Provide each partner with their own Salesforce login set to API Enabled on the profile   
 C.Develop a custom Apex web service with a fulfillment ID input attribute
 D.Set the Orders object’s sharing setting to Private in the Org-Wide Defaults  
 E.Develop a Custom Apex web service using the “With Sharing” keyword  

3)In order to comply with regulatory requirements, Universal Health must encrypt all Personally Identifiable Information (PII), both while it is being transmitted over the network and while it is at rest. Universal Health has completed a data audit and has determined that 12 fields on the contact record can contain PII, including the contact name and several other standard fields. Universal Health would like the fields to remain accessible in Salesforce. Which two options does Universal Health have to maintain compliance? Choose 2 answers
 A.Use an external, third party encryption service to encrypt PII before it enters Salesforce   
 B.Enable Salesforce Platform Encryption and select the 12 contact fields to be encrypted   
 C.Implement a custom Apex trigger to automatically encrypt the PII data using the Apex Crypto Class  
 D.Update the field type of each of the 12 fields to “Text (Encrypted)” so that they are encrypted at rest

5)Universal Containers has implemented a strict software architecture for their custom Apex code. One of the requirements is that all SOQL queries are contained within reusable classes. Depending on the context of the Apex transaction, the queries should be able to run either "With Sharing" or "Without Sharing". Which two ways allow the Architect to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers
 A.Create a SystemSOQLQueries class and a UserSOQLQueries class; set the “With Sharing” keyword on the UserSOQLQueries class and “Without Sharing” on the SystemSOQLQueries class   
 B.Create a reusable SOQLQueries class; do not specify “With” or “Without Sharing” on the SOQLQueries class   
 C.Create a reusable SOQLQueries class; do not specify “With” or “Without Sharing” on the SOQLQueries class and use the runAs () method to dynamically set the context   
 D.Create a reusable SOQLQueries class; specify “With Sharing” on the methods that require user context and “Without Sharing” on the methods requiring system context   

6)Universal Containers has a global 24*7 implementation that supports Sales, Services, Order Management, and various other parts of their business. They have a nested territory hierarchy, 10,000 sales users, and 20,000 support agents. Territory changes happen daily. The demand for new applications and changes to the platform is high and they follow an agile development methodology and deliver new releases every two weeks on the platform. What feature would help the system recover from maintenance restart on Salesforce servers?
 A.Enable Parallel Sharing Rule recalculation  
 B.Enable Granular Locking on the system  
 C.Enable Filter-Based Opportunity Territory Assignment
 D.Enable Deferred Sharing Rule recalculation

Thank you
Allen woodAllen wood
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