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Julie CurryJulie Curry 

Connected App error troubleshooting

We are trying to connect to Jira using a connector created by a ServiceRocket. It's the a new connector that will replace the one found at this link: https://marketplace.servicerocket.com/product/connector-for-salesforcecom-and-jira
ServiceRocket has informed us that the connector is currently out for security review by Salesforce so that it can be listed on the appexchange. We are trying to get started with testing.

We are having problems, however, connecting using the app. I have attached a copy of the error message my coworker is receiving. Please note that I very recently enabled "Limit API access to connected apps to those with the policy, "Admin approved users are pre-authorized". With this, we installed the Jira Connector, unblocked it, and added the System Admin profile to the connected app profiles. The user trying to connect is a System Admin.
I'm wondering if there is a step that we missed for the connected app.

If all steps for the connected app have been taken, is there a way to run some kind of debug log of something to take a closer look at what is going on?

I also want to mention that we have had the custom domain cause issues for us in the past when we first tried to connect to Adaptive Insights. The team at Adaptive Insights had hard coded 'login.salesforce.com' into their code so it was blocking us from connecting with our custom domain. Just wanted to throw that out there in case that is something we also might want to look at.User-added image