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syeda syedasyeda syeda 

Is it possible to integrate wordpress to salesforce throught REST API or any third party apps ?

Hi Peeps,

This is saidaiah and i have challenge that we need to get the wordpress posts (wordpress articles) and display in the salesforce chatter feed. So, i just want to integrate the wordpress to salesforce to get the posts from there and display in salesforce as feed. If anybody has the idea on this kind of scenario, please help me out to this.

It would be appreciated if it will be helpful
Thanks in advance.

John KlokJohn Klok

There are two ways to sync your Salesforce data with WordPress without authentication:

  • First, you can embed a Salesforce into WordPress with the WordPress plugin. 
  • Or, you can use the Salesforce API or write a manual code. 

If you don’t want to put in the effort, you can definitely integrate your WordPress website with CRMJetty Salesforce Customer Portal. It will help your team and customers to manage their data and activities. Users can also customize the frontend with simple drag and drop. Moreover, you do not require any coding skills to integrate the portal with WordPress or to sync the data. 

To learn more, visit - Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal.