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Nitin Gupta 200Nitin Gupta 200 

Stacked Summaries in Reports not loading Edit Report Page again

A Weird issue happens when i uncheck Stacked Summaries on Report Builder it doesn't load the page again and stuck like this forever.User-added image
And In Inspector it is showing the below error.

User-added image
SFDC Coder 1SFDC Coder 1
Hi Nitin,

I will suggest you to report this issue to salesforce by logging a case. They will be able to help you on this becuase there is a possibility that this issue can be occuring because of the technical design of report.
Shrishti TamrakarShrishti Tamrakar
Experienced the same issue, did any one log a case to Salesforce ?
vignesh vickyvignesh vicky
Experiencing same issue any solution to resolve
Aamir Ahmad 1Aamir Ahmad 1
The same thing happened to me. This issue seems to happen when you have no records satisfying the filter. To fix this, in the Filter close date select 'All Range' then uncheck the Stacked Summaries and after that reapply the close date filter again.(Insert some records in Account first if you don't have any)
vignesh vickyvignesh vicky
Hi I have got this issue while performing trailhead after creating new trailplayground issue was resolved thanks