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Unable to retain details of parent page on clicking a record url in Aura component report

I have created a custom table report with Aura component and enabled a cell value to re-direct to record page. On clicking the record, it opens in a new tab but the details of parent page are lost and I have to click ' Generate Report' button again. Pls refer the below code snippet:

//Aura Component----------->
<td role="gridcell" class="slds-cell-wrap tdClass" data-label="Name">
  <a href="#"  onclick="{!c.navigateToRecord}" value = "TaskId" id = "{!wrap.TaskId}">{!wrap.Subject}</a>

navigateToRecord :function(component,event,helper){

  redirectToSobject: function (component, event, helper) {
        var myTaskId = event.target.id;
        window.open('/' + myTaskId,'_blank');This button is used to generate the report. On clicking a record, it's detail page is opening in new tab , but the report data on parent page is lost and i need to hit Generate report again.