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Urgent : show popWindow Before Deleting Selected Records In Vf Page?

Hi All,
I have My Custom Visualforce Page With Pagination.each page i am displaying 5 Records .so  When I select Few Records Before Goining To Delete. I want Show popup Window  and size of Records in Popup Window.
When click Ok In PopWindow then Only Delete Records otherwise not to delete.
Rounak SharmaRounak Sharma
hello venkata,
you can have a method call Display or any thing as per you wish and perform delete operation in that 
List<Account> accList = new List<Account>();
ex: account acc = new Account();
acc.name = '';
acc.phone= '';
delete accList;

Now write a script in vf page with
Confirm function and call the method on Ok click and do nothing on cancel click.
Please let me know if you still need any help on it.