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Lakshmi SLakshmi S 

How to get all objects last activity date using soql ?

Hi Team,

Requirement : I want to display all objects last activity date using visualforce page or soql ?
Please advise how can we achieve this using SOQL or Visualforce pages?
Please let me know anyone..

Thanks in Advance
Lakshmi S

Hi Laskshmi,

for Display all object: 
Try it below code:

Public class SobejctList
public list<Selectopion>option{get; set;}
public list<selectopion>getopion()
Return option;
Public sobjeclist()
option=new list<selectopion>();
Map<string,schema.sobjecType>maps =schema.getGlobaldescribe();
f or(string s:ob)
Selection so=new selectopion(s,s);

<apeX:page controller=“SobjectList”>
<apex:selectlist size=“1”>
<apex:selectopions value=“{!option}”/>

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Team NubesEliteTeam NubesElite
Hi Lakshmi,
You can try as below filter in SOQL. I would require to consider the last activity date API under accounts object.
TODAY() -   Account.LastActivityDate

Thank You

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