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Brooks Kreutzer 10Brooks Kreutzer 10 

'Create a Record' Action Navigation

Scenario: I currently have an Action associated with the Account object that creates a new Opportunity, with fields mapped to that new Opportunity, from the Account where the user clicks the Action. I am attempting to replicate an existing business process that uses a URL hack embedded in a JavaScript button in classic. The action does everything that I need it too, except for navigating to the newly created Opportunity.

Question: Is there a method using Flows, Process Builder, or some other means, to make a 'Create a Record' Action automatically navigate to the newly created record, without the user needing to click a link in the related list, after the Action runs?

Note: I am trying to do this without writing any code, using only Administration.
Team NubesEliteTeam NubesElite
Hi Brooks,
Option 1:
Check what is being used in action. If you are using recordEditForm, then you can use onsuccess event to navigate to the record.
handleSuccess: function(cmp, event, helper) {
    var params = event.getParams();
    cmp.set('v.recordId', params.response.id);
    cmp.set('v.showSpinner', false);
    cmp.set('v.saved', true);
    // navService.navigate(pageReference);
Option 2:
You can use force:createRecord. Fire this event on the init of the custom component which is being used in action. After the record creation, it will automatically navigate to the created record.

Thank You
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