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Update Account record in Lightning with URL form data from my website?

I have a custom HTML form (on my website) that updates the Lat/Lon text fields on the Salesforce Account record.
  • It worked fine in Classic but now in Lightning it just opens up the record "without" my custom Lat/Lon" values populated?
Here is my URL that I'm passing in:
  • https://company.lightning.force.com/lightning/_classic/
  • %3DJohn%2BBrown
  • %2600NU0000003rV68 (in Classic, this is the Lat field)
    %2600NU0000003rV6I (in Classic, this is the Lon field)
How do I make it work in Lightning?
  • I need it pass those two Lat (37.73533214243016) & Lon (-88.53832679688946) values into the Account Update page.