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Mini page layout in Lightning

Hi All,

I am having issue with mini page layout in Lightning, the mini page layouts were not displayed as shown in Classic. In Chatter tab, for standard object User the mini page layout is showing options as shown below
User-added image

But in Lightning, we are not seeing the same, I only see "Follow", as shown below
User-added image

Whereas I am not seeing "Send Message" which is shown in Classic. How can I add the "Send Message" option in order to display it in Lightning?
How to display the mobile number and progress bar which are shown in Classic mini page layout?

Thanks in Advance.

Anant KamatAnant Kamat
You can clone the System Default Mini Page Layout and add Mobile number field however the progress bar is not possible. Looks like this is a limitation in Lightning Experience.
vamsi k 20vamsi k 20
Hi Anant,
Thanks for replying. I understood mobile number field. How to get "Send Message" in Lightning, which is visible in Classic?