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Saloni MathurSaloni Mathur 

There is one picklist field which contain three text values: One, Two & Three and based on this value 1 or 2 or 3 will be populated in a text field. If the mapping is available in custom settings then how we can retrieve the value in text field ?

Hi Saloni,

You could create a formula field (Text) and in that formula field, you will need to use the function: TEXT() to extract the text from the picklist value.  For example, if your picklist was called 'My Field' and the current value selected is '1', then TEXT(My_Field__c) would return '1' as text.

You may also be interested in looking at the documentation for the function ISPICKVAL() which is helpful for checking the value of a picklist against a string.

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Saloni MathurSaloni Mathur
Thanks Stephen for your reply. But my question is different. I have a custom setting with mapping (one : 1, two :2, three :3)
so based on the picklist value(one,two, three) selected I need to show value (1,2,3) in the text field using custom setting
I see, thank you for clarifying.  Some further questions:
  1. Are the picklist field and the text field on the same object? 
  2. Based on your requirements, can your text field be a formula field or are you working with a non-formula text field?
  3. Please clarify what you mean by "mapping" and "custom setting".