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Ravi Sankar 12Ravi Sankar 12 

filtering picklist values of field A based on picklist value selected in picklist B

Hello All,

I have Picklist Field A with 16 values and picklist field B with 2 values(Mail/Email). Few values in Picklist A should have both email and mail so that user can select one. Few should have only one either mail/Email.  This is in lightning.

Please let me know the ways to do it.

Thank you for your help.
Leon ThanikalLeon Thanikal
Hi Ravi,

There is a very easy solution to this. If you already have the two picklists created, go to object manager and select the object with the picklists. Then click on Field & Relationships. On the top right, next to new, you will see a button called Field Dependencies. Click on it. Then click on new. Choose Picklist Field A as the Controlling Field and Picklist Field B as the Dependent Field. Then press continue. Then you will go to a new screen where you will have all the values for Picklist Field A as the columns and Mail and email under them. Go through the table and click on Mail/Email and select whether to include values or exclude values. Then click save and you should be all set.

Hope this helps!
Ravi Sankar 12Ravi Sankar 12
Hi Leon,

I want this on a lightning component. The dependent picklist option is not working here. Thank you.
Leon ThanikalLeon Thanikal
Hi Ravi,

I suggest you look at the below forum post:

The sfdc link that is posted is very good and a great base to solve your question.
Kamesh SinghKamesh Singh
Hi Ravi,

Here is very good explanation for this issue.

Ravi Sankar 12Ravi Sankar 12
Thank you all for your suggestions. In this scenario I used custom metadata and handled in apex and passed the values to the controller. Appreciate your help