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Salesforce Rest Api Response Empty

My VBA code as below has been working fine for long time, but recently it always get response = "". But I still can get authentication token as before. 
Dim objRequest As Object
    Dim fullUrl As String
    Dim blnAsync As Boolean
    Dim strResponse As String
    Set objRequest = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
    fullUrl = Query_Data_Url_Production & query
    blnAsync = True
    With objRequest
        .Open "GET", fullUrl, blnAsync
        .SetRequestHeader "Authorization", "Bearer " & token
        'spin wheels whilst waiting for response
        While objRequest.readyState <> 4
        strResponse = .ResponseText
    End With
I also tried with curl and the token I obtain from salesforce api. 
User-added imageand response is empty, too.
Please do me a favour.
Manoj Kumar 696Manoj Kumar 696
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