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Natasha AliNatasha Ali 

Trigger a Flow from a Quick Action

I need a Flow triggered when a new 'Placement__c' record is created using a Quick Action.
We use Person Accounts and a custom object called 'Placements'. It's a one to many relationships, so one Account can have many Placements. As an Account gets 2 or 3 Placements, most of the information needs to stay the same as the previous Placement. When a Placement is created (through a Quick Action on the Opportunity) there is currently a Process which invokes 4 other processes which populate information on the record.

That is working fine, the issue is when an Account gets Re-Placed (another Placement needs to be created), we need most of the information from the previous one to also be on the new 'Placement' such as checkbox values and picklist fields.

Is it possible for Flow to choose the previous Placement record from the Account and retrieve information to populate the new Placement? Essentially I just want Salesforce to choose the first child record to populate the new Placement upon creation if a Placement already exists on the Account -else, continue to create a new Placement. How would I go about achieving this?

Any help is much appreciated!
Many Thanks,
Natasha :)