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Is it possible to create a formula for criteria in process builder?

s it possible to create a formula in the criteria using these fields? 
If so, what would that look like? 
Opportunity.Status__c = Phase I [picklist] Opportunity.Setting__c = Dropped [picklist] Opportunity.StageName = Closed [picklist] Opportunity.Office__c = Waiting [text] Opportunity.Level__c = Personal [picklist]

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chandravadan kasachandravadan kasa
Hi kjun
this is the procedur
  1.         Set up     
  2.        Quickfield enter process builder
  3.        Click on new( Enter the required fields)
  4.         Click on save
  5.        Click on add object  we can see the page as below choose the field onject which is requiredand save.   User-added image
  6.  Next click on add criteria choose the required field then select the formula evaluation to tru then choose the fields , functions , systemvaries , operators which we need .we can add this as followsUser-added image
  7.  Click on save and accitivate .

Thank You,
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Ajay K DubediAjay K Dubedi
Hi Kjun,

I have gone through your query and the condition criteria you have shared above.
You are going correct in the process builder.
Did you face any problem like not getting the desired result through this process builder?
If yes, please explain. Then I will be able to find the best result.
The formula condition criteria you have shared above, Please apply them in the process builder and test that.
After that if you still facing any problem, let me inform you, I'll happy to help you.

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

Thanks and Regards,
Ajay Dubedi
chandravadan kasachandravadan kasa
tq i did not face any problem
Hello, what would the formula syntax look like with the information I provided? 

This is what my SOQL query would look like but what would it look like in a formula format using Process Builder? 
SELECT Status__c,Office__c,Setting__c,Level__c,StageName FROM Opportunity

I came up with this, but my opportunity didn't update with the actions when using this as the criteria. 
ISPICKVAL([Opportunity].Status__c, 'Phase I')  && 
ISPICKVAL([Opportunity].StageName, 'Closed') &&
ISPICKVAL([Opportunity].Setting__c, 'Dropped') &&
Opportunity.Office__c, 'Waiting' ) &&
ISPICKVAL([Opportunity].Level__c, 'Personal ')

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