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Aron Schor [Dev]Aron Schor [Dev] 

Create Metadata "Unable to find class 'com.sforce.soap.metadata.CustomField'

Hi, I am trying a simple Mulesoft flow to read and create metadata, specifically a custom field. I have tried a variety of Transform outputs, and the ones that generate include
as Object {class : "com.sforce.soap.metadata.CustomField"} but that gives me the error. Any idea how to solve? Thanks...I am not a developer.
Read Metadata
Type: CustomField (CustomField) (CustomField)
Full Names: ["Contact.mulesoftid__c"]
Example Create Metadata
%dw 2.0
output application/java
valueSet: {
valueSetDefinition: {
value: [{
fullName: payload.valueSet.valueSetDefinition.value[0].fullName
} as Object {
class : "com.sforce.soap.metadata.CustomField"