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Connor ReillyConnor Reilly 

date/time format issues during import wizard upload


I'm trying to update a date/time field on the lead object. However, every which way I try to adjust the date, it throws an error. I've tried this via the import wizard and dataloader.io, both to no avail. I'd appreciate any help.


INVALID_FIELD:Failed to deserialize field at col 2. Due to, '2018-09-11 02:26:00' is not a valid value for the type xsd:dateTime:First_Quote_Request_Time__c --
karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

you just need to add and  capitalize the "Z". and T in mid of date and time. use any date converstion tool to conver this format.

The following date should work:  2018-09-11T02:26:00.000Z

 i am using  the BULK API for uploading records to SFDC documentation is 
https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000325035&type=1&mode=1 (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000325035&type=1&mode=1)
That being said, the Salesforce Output tool should probably be automatically converting Alteryx dates to this format, which it is not. I will see if we can build this feature into a future version of the tool.

Hope this will help you. 

Danish HodaDanish Hoda
Hi Connor,
The dateTime field format should be 2018-09-11T02:26:00