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Meredith GalloglyMeredith Gallogly 

reCaptcha Widget is Not Rendering in Web-to-Lead Form

Hi all, 

I recently asked our web developer to add reCaptcha to the Web-to-Lead form on our website, as we have been dealing with an uptick in spam leads. We opted to use the reCaptcha v2 checkbox, since it is the simplest one to integrate.

However, when we enter the new code, with reCaptcha, generated in the SF web-to-lead setup, the reCaptcha widget does not render in the form. In addition, the form stops posting leads to Salesforce.

When we remove the reCaptcha code, the form starts working again.

Has anyone dealt with this problem before?



Jessica RiffeJessica Riffe
I would bet there is an error happening somewhere.  You can go to the developerment tools in Chrome by doing CTRL+SHIFT+i.  See if there are any javascript error that are related to the reCaptcha.