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Cora GuerrierCora Guerrier 

Help with a formula for a custom contact field

I have a custom field that is a look up feild to a Contact labeled Sales Representative.  I am trying to use process builder. I want to say if the Sales Representative is a specific contact than create a task and assign it to a specific user.  My custom contact field is on the Work Order object.  I don't know if I should be looking for the custom field to equal a specific value or if I should use the Contact ID from the contact table. I have tried both way and everything I try is wrong.  I am new to formulas and hoping the community can help me.  This is what I came up with on my own for the formula, but it doesn't work, but I at least tried myself first before asking for help, thank you.

IF([WorkOrder].Project_Sales_Rep__c="Nicholas McEnroe","0051U000006RTaT",Null)
Jega DeivaJega Deiva
Hi Cora,
  Please try this one.
  In Process Builder just add the criteria condition as 
                              Field: [Workorder].Project_Sales_Rep__c   operator: equals    type: ID   value: "ID of the specific contact"
n PB actions--> choose "create a record" option & choose record type as Task,then assign it to the specific user .
  It may help you.