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Shruthi NarsiShruthi Narsi 

Variable does not exist: wrapProducts

I am trying to add selected products from the list

global class ProductSearchPopupController {
    public String query {get; set;}
    public List<PricebookEntry__c> products {get; set;}
    public List<wrapProduct> wrapProductList {get; set;}
    public List<PricebookEntry__c> selectedProduct{get;set;}
    public List<QuoteLineitem__c> quoteLineList{get;set;}
    public List<wrapProduct> selectedWrapperList{get;set;}
    public Boolean normalList{get;set;}
    public Boolean selectedList{get;set;}
    public Boolean block{get;set;}
    public Boolean block1{get;set;}
    public Boolean block2{get;set;}
    public String SalesPrice {get; set;}
    public integer Discount {get; set;}
    public String Quantity {get; set;}
    public String ServiceDate {get; set;}
    Id recordId;
    public ProductSearchPopupController(ApexPages.StandardController controller){
        recordId = controller.getId();
        system.debug('recordId '+recordId);
        wrapProductList = new List<wrapProduct>();
        selectedWrapperList = new List<wrapProduct>();
        normalList = true;
        selectedList = false;
        block = true;
        block1 = false;
        block2 = false;
    public PageReference runQuery(){
        system.debug('this query '+query);
        if(query == null || query == ''){
            system.debug('query '+query);
            ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.Info,'Please enter the product to be searched'));
            return null;
        List<List<PricebookEntry__c>> searchResults=[FIND :query IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING PricebookEntry__c (id, Name, ProductCode__c, Product2Id__r.Product_Description__c,UnitPrice__c, UseStandardPrice__c)];
        system.debug('searchResults '+searchResults[0].size());
        System.debug('searchResults  result ' + searchResults[0]);       
        System.debug('oth  result ' + SearchResults[0]);
            for(PricebookEntry__c a: searchResults[0]) {
                // As each Account is processed we create a new wrapAccount object and add it to the wrapAccountList
                wrapProductList.add(new wrapProduct(a));
                block = true;   block1 = true;   block2 = false;
        return null;
    public void processSelected() {
    wrapProducts = new List<Product2__c>();
        for(wrapProducts wrapProductObj : wrapAccountList) {
            if(wrapProductObj.selected == true) {
    // This is our wrapper/container class. A container class is a class, a data structure, or an abstract data type whose instances are collections of other objects. In this example a wrapper class contains both the standard salesforce object Account and a Boolean value
    public class wrapProducts {
        public Product2__c acc {get; set;}
        public Boolean selected {get; set;}
        //This is the contructor method. When we create a new wrapAccount object we pass a Account that is set to the acc property. We also set the selected value to false
        public wrapProducts(Product2__c a) {
            acc = a;
            selected = false;
    public PageReference ProceedWithSelectedToNextPage(){
        selectedWrapperList = new List<wrapProduct>();
        normalList = false;
        selectedList = true;
        for(wrapProduct selectedWrapObj: wrapProductList){
            system.debug('selectedWrapObj.selected  ---------'+selectedWrapObj.selected);
            if(selectedWrapObj.selected == true)
        system.debug('selectedWrapperList size ---------'+selectedWrapperList.size());
        PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('/apex/AccountOpportunityTwoPage');
        return pageRef;
    public void SelectProduct() {
        selectedProduct = new List<PricebookEntry__c>();
        for(wrapProduct wrapProductObj : wrapProductList) {
            if(wrapProductObj.selected == true) {
                block = false;  block1 = false;  block2 = true;
    public void GoBack() {
        block = true;
        block1 = true;
        block2 = false;
    global   class wrapProduct {
        public PricebookEntry__c acc {get;set;}
        public Boolean selected {get;set;}
        public wrapProduct(PricebookEntry__c p) {
            this.acc = p;
            this.selected = false;
    public pagereference saveproduct(){
        List<QuoteLineitem__c> quoteLineList = new  List<QuoteLineitem__c>();
            for(PricebookEntry__c sp:selectedProduct){
                system.debug('sp '+sp);
                QuoteLineitem__c qli = new QuoteLineitem__c();
                qli.QuotesId__c = recordId;
                qli.ListPrice__c = sp.UnitPrice__c;
                qli.UnitPrice__c = sp.UnitPrice__c;
                qli.Product2Id__c = sp.Product2Id__c;    
                if(Discount!=0 || Discount!=null){
                    qli.Discount__c = Discount;
                insert quoteLineList;
                PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('https://proseraa.lightning.force.com/lightning/r/Quotes__c/'+recordId+'/view');
                return pageRef;
        return null;
    public void insertTestData(){
        Product2__c testProduct = new Product2__c();
            testProduct.Name='Test product';
            insert testProduct;
            PricebookEntry__c testpbe = new PricebookEntry__c();
                testpbe.Name='Test PriceBookEntry';
                testpbe.UnitPrice__c =123;
                insert testpbe;

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Those variables will need to be declared before being used.