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how many ways is there in sales force for task reminder notification.

Hi Everyone,

I need to know that in how many ways i can create a task popup window reminder notofications for follow up time.If anyone have idea please share with me and if possible please explain me as well.

Thanks for ur help.

thanks inadvance,
Devi ChandrikaDevi Chandrika (Salesforce Developers) 
devin cafedevin cafe

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Hi Devi Chandrika,

Thanks for your help.But here my requriment was without using workflow and process builder i need to have task reminder popup window notification.

Thanks inadvance,
Shelly OberoiShelly Oberoi
Hey Devi Chandrika,

Thank you so so much for your great help. I may not have always shown it but I’m so grateful to have had a great answer.

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devin cafedevin cafe

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