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Leonardi KohLeonardi Koh 

name="render" VS aura:doneRendering

So in the past we used the following to get our code running once rendering is complete
<aura:handler event="aura:doneRendering" action="{!c.onRender}"/>

In particular, I have utilized this to allow my elements to make use of slds-transition.

So i have a component with "slds-transition-hide"

And the moment rendering is complete i have the following code
onRender : function(component, event, helper) {
     // Fade In the components 
     var targetcomp = component.find('mycomponent');
     $A.util.removeClass(targetcomp, 'slds-transition-hide');
     $A.util.addClass(targetcomp, 'slds-transition-show');

Which produce the effect of the component slowly transitioning into view... (for the timing it's controlled by css with transition: opacity 3s;)

This works perfectly fine... but since aura:doneRendering is apparently deprecated and replaced by the newer render event we were updating our components and replacing them with
<aura:handler name="render" value="{!this}" action="{!c.onRender}"/>

Excep now all our codes that previously worked fine for onRender doesn't do anything anymore...

Am i missing something with the usage of the newer render event? I had assumed it would've behaved exactly the same as doneRendering but that does not appear to be the case.