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Connor ReillyConnor Reilly 

Allow Lead Transfer Only if Current Owner is Certain User

I have a requirement where our Account Executives should only be able to transfer leads if:

a) they are the current owner
b) the current owner is "Marketing"

Their profile has tranfer abilities.
Here is the validation rule, but it is currently not working as expected. I'd appreciate any help. 

PRIORVALUE(OwnerId) <> Owner:User.Id || Owner:User.Alias <> 'mkting',
OR($Profile.Name = 'Standard Fast Radius User', $Profile.Name = 'SDR'))
Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Conor,

If my understanding is not wrong try the below formula:

OR(AND(PRIORVALUE(OwnerId) <> $User.Id, $Profile.Name = 'Account Executives') ,
Owner:User.Alias <> 'mkting'),
OR($Profile.Name = 'Standard Fast Radius User', $Profile.Name = 'SDR')

Connor ReillyConnor Reilly

Thanks Maharajan. 

It seems to still not allow our AEs to transfer accounts owned by Marketing (alias = mkting). Also, the current owner of the lead cannot move the lead to someone else, with this rule in place. Any thoughts?