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Madhu DkMadhu Dk 

Enter the start page for your app


I am new to salesforce kindly help me out.
I am creating a hybrid remote app,
while creating, it asks to enter the start page for your app.
in the doc they have told, For start page, specify the relative URL of your Apex landing page—for example, apex/BasicVFPage.

i want to link the app to community in our org.
what will be the landing page, how to find out the landing page and its relative path.

Thank you.
Todd Halfpenny MCTodd Halfpenny MC
Hi Madhu,

If you're making a hybrid remote app then you application will end up being served from Salesforce, and there'll be a root for it, which will likely be a Visualforce page. You could think of this root page like a web-apps "index.html".

I think from what you've written that you'd want your app to have the root of your app being your communities home page. If this is the case then I think you can take URL you use when viewing your community via the desktop browser. Do note that if you're hoping to use a lightning app (with a one.app type root URL) then this will not work following the end-of-life of Salesforce's Mobile Web Experience (basically you cannot access lightning app from Mobile device other than via the official Salesforce app).
Madhu DkMadhu Dk
Hi Todd,
Thanks for the reply.
To assign start page, i must give relative path of the landing page of my community right?, if i give whole url it starts throwing page not found error.

Todd Halfpenny MCTodd Halfpenny MC
Yes, it's a relative URL. This is needed since your page could be on different instances/orgs (e.g. sandbox, prod) and to protect against changes to the base URL (through myDomain, org migrations, etc).