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Aruna Dhavaleswarapu 4Aruna Dhavaleswarapu 4 

Reverting the user email from .invalid after refresh

When sandboxes refresh, all users' email addresses have .invalid appended to them.
I am trying to revert all System Admin user emails to the correct one.

List<User> UserList = [SELECT id, email FROM User WHERE Profile.name = 'System Administrator' AND IsActive = True];
System.debug('Orginal List --->'+UserList);

for(User obj : UserList){
    obj.Email = obj.Email.removeEndIgnoreCase('.invalid');

if(UserList!= NULL && UserList.size() > 0)
    List<Database.SaveResult> SR = Database.update(UserList);
    for(Database.SaveResult srObj : SR){ 

    System.debug('Final User List ==>'+UserList);

While implementing this code from an anonymous block, I can see the changes in my debug log, though the users' email is not changed.

Can some expert guide me where I am going wrong