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Pierce Hale 15Pierce Hale 15 

LWC vs Aura: What's better for mobile apps?

We are developing components for a Community that will used in a mobile app via Mobile Publisher.  From what I have read, I have the impression that Lightning Web Components (vs. Aura) provides greater flexibility for mobile apps.  Please confirm.
Hi Peirce,

Indeed LWC will provide greater flexibility over Aura. Please check this comprehensive comparison: https://www.jadeglobal.com/blog/benefits-lightning-web-components-over-lightning-components

Krishna Avva
Todd Halfpenny MCTodd Halfpenny MC
Aura has in essence been superseeded by LWCs, and although there's still not parity between the two it's advised to use LWCs where possible.
I should also make the note that Aura components and LWCs can live and work together.

My comments here are actually not mobile specific, and I can't see any reason that they would differ based upon the target running environment.
vishal soni 18vishal soni 18
vishal soni 18vishal soni 18
Stephan braunnStephan braunn
Hi, LWCs is better.

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