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Brandon NelsonBrandon Nelson 

Pull ContentNotes using APEX/SOQL

I have a requirement to share a note with multiple accounts. My first issue I was trying to solve is being able to store the notes data in variables then create new records based off that data. I have a trigger on ContentDocumentLink that passes info off to a class. 

Problem is, if I save the note before it auto saves, everything works. If I let the record auto save, I dont get the body of the note. 
trigger trasnferNotes on ContentDocumentLink (after insert) {
    string relatedID;
    String documentID;
    //Get the current ID for the note
    if (Trigger.isAfter) {
        if (Trigger.isInsert) {
            for(ContentDocumentLink cdl : Trigger.New) {
                relatedID = cdl.LinkedEntityId;
                documentID = cdl.ContentDocumentId;
                transferNotesClass db = new transferNotesClass(relatedID, documentID);
global class transferNotesClass {
    global String noteID;
    global String contentDocumentID;
    global String cvID;
    global transferNotesClass(String relatedID, String documentID) {
        try {
            noteID = relatedID;
            contentDocumentID = documentID;
            System.debug('Class Note ID: ' + noteID);
            //Getting the ID from ContentVersion
            List<ContentVersion> cv = New List<ContentVersion>([select id from ContentVersion 
                                                                where ContentDocumentId = :contentDocumentID]);
            for(ContentVersion cv1 : cv) {
                cvID = cv1.Id; 
            //Getting the Content Note by passing the above ID to ContentNote
            List<ContentNote> contNote = New List<ContentNote>([select Content, ContentSize, CreatedById, CreatedDate, FileExtension, FileType, 
                                                                Id, IsDeleted, IsReadOnly, LastModifiedById, LastModifiedDate, LastViewedDate, 
                                                                LatestPublishedVersionId, OwnerId, SharingPrivacy, TextPreview, Title 
                                                                from ContentNote where LatestPublishedVersionId = :cvID]);
            for(ContentNote contNote1 : contNote) {
                Blob contentBlob = contnote1.Content;
                String contentString = contentBlob.toString();
                List<String> csvFileLines= contentString.split('\n');
                System.debug('Note Title: ' + contNote1.Title);
                //System.debug('Note Content: ' + csvFileLines);
        catch(DmlException e) {
            System.debug('The following exception has occurred: ' + e.getMessage());

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Christan G 4Christan G 4
- Not sure if this is helpful, but I noticed in your trigger statement that you only included "after insert". I think in this case, you should also include "after update" since when a note auto saves, I assume Salesforce is considering it as an update. Nothing will happen since the trigger is not specified to fire after the update occurred. 
- When you say share a note with multiple accounts, how do you know which accounts should the note be shared with and which ones should not? Is there a specific criteria mentioned?
- Quote: "I was trying to solve is being able to store the notes data in variables..."  - Assuming that there is a separate object being used to store these notes, why would it be necessary to separate its contents into other variables. I assume the best way would be to clone each note and then associate the new cloned notes to the multiple accounts that need it. I apologize if I misunderstood what you meant
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Aayush K 7Aayush K 7
I see that you only used the "after insert" as the trigger. But I think you should also include "after update" in this example because I imagine Salesforce considers an auto-saved note to be an update. Because the trigger is not set to fire after the upgrade, nothing will happen.

Check out this post for better understanding: ExactlyHowLong (
Baku JainBaku Jain
I don't know why the auto-save is not working properly. I'm having the same issue and even lost my works on thanks for this faulty auto-save. Any way to fix it?