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shyamala sudhir 3shyamala sudhir 3 

Reporting Specialist Superbadge: Step 7 - Create the Solarbot Dashboard : The 'Solarbot Pipeline by Stage' component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position.

Hello, Team,

I think I would have read all the responses in the various communiities to try and solve this error -  The 'Solarbot Pipeline by Stage' component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position - but two days of efforts have been unsuccessful.

I removed the picklist values that were not required by deactivating them for this challenge. It did not helpr. In a couple of posts there were suggestions to place the component on the upper right and tried out that too.

I do not see a "Sort by rows" option for formatting the dashoard. 

This is how my dashbord formatting window looks like:
Error message on first dashboard challengeAnd, that is how my component appears:
Componnent 1
Hope to understand where/what I am missing. 

Thanks in advance for your help with this!


Jega DeivaJega Deiva
Hi Shyamala,

   Please check the dashboard component size (6*4),position must be upper left and max group display = 9

   It may help you.

shyamala sudhir 3shyamala sudhir 3
Hello, Jega, 

Thanks for trying to help. I had tried all that out actually before making the post. Incidentally, without making any further changes, it worked and I was able to complete the challenge. Regards, Shyamala
User-added image

Final Dashnoard Picture.

Please make sure to select proper x-axis to y-axis ratio.
1. SolarBot Pipeline by Stage - 4X9 component- meaning - 4 blocks horizontally and 9 blocks vertically. Position - LEFTMOST CORNER
2. Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership - 5X9 components - meaning - 5 blocks horizontally and 9 blocks vertically. Position - RIGHTMOST CORNER
3.  Temperature and Kilowatt Hour Relationship - 4X7 component - meaning - 4 blocks horizontally and 7 blocks vertically. Position - BELOW SOLARBOT PIPELINE BY STAGE REPORT
4. SolarBot Evangelism Countdown - 3X9 component - meaning - 3 blocks horizontally and 9 blocks vertically. Position: Between topmost reports
5. Opportunity Overview -  8X7 components - 8 blocks horizontally and 7 blocks vertically. Position: Below the SolarBot Evangelism Countdown and Case Drivers and SolarBot Ownership components.

I hope this helps. Continue Learning.
Shyamala, I know your problem is solved. I am putting all this information for other traiblazers. Your thread is top search for this prticular problem. 

Christine RothChristine Roth
Thank you very much, Harsha! Your explanation saves a lot of time and headaches!
Xavier BelpommeXavier Belpomme
Thank you very much, Harsha, you also helped me. I would like to add that when it is required " X coordinate 7" it means 7 empty cases before inserting the graph.
Jasper Martens 15Jasper Martens 15

Hi, unable to pass this challenge altough my DB looks exactly as above. 


"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Solarbot Pipeline by Stage' component is the incorrect size or in the incorrect position."

Screenshot of DB:
User-added image

Any tips?

Bunmi AgboolaBunmi Agboola
Thanks Harsha! Your explanation was helpful.
Tulsi SherchanTulsi Sherchan
Thank you so much HARSHA SAROA, It worked. Finally, Challenges are accepted.
My 1 error- incorrect horizontal and vertical size and SOLUTION - followed the same size as Harsha mentioned.
2 Error= Choose the Wrong graph that won't show ownership details,  SOLUTION=  I choose the same graph as Harsha chooses, and the problems are solved. 
Thank You so much, HARSHA
Pavithra R 18Pavithra R 18
I tried same as yours but still getting same error tried different possibilities