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Puspendra SinghPuspendra Singh 

How to bulk upload data from an external system to salesforce

I have a requirement, where in a financial system we do arround 1 million transactions per day. Now my requirement is to push these records in Salesforce everyday in a nightly batch. Can someone help me if this bulk load is possible using a batch job scheduled in SF? Would I hit any governer limit?
Hi Puspendra,
Salesforce API has data collection limitations when fetching data from the external system in the form of JSON/XML.So the external system needs to send the data based on the salesforce limitations.
Significantly note that the possible salesforce governor limit.
1). You can not insert more than 10000 rows of records in a single call.
2). You won't be able to query more than 50K rows in your method
3). You won't be able to do more than 100 SOQL in a single context.
4). Heap Size/collection limit.
5). Too many CPU time limit.
If you have a large chunk of data, then call this method in multiple batches.